Electronic Projects

Railway Modules

I have many railway modules available to buy on eBay. You can find information on each module below complete with instructions on how to connect and use them.

Arc Welding Simulator
This is a module used in models to simulate someone using an arc welder. Blue and white LED's are used to provide a realistic flashing effect associated with welding using an arc welder. The time the welding is taking place and the time between welds is random adding to the realism.

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Oxy-Acetelyne Welding Simulator
This is a module similar to the arc welder but uses Red and Orange LED's to provide a realistic effect associated with welding using an oxy-acetelyne welder. The red LED glows as welding takes place and represents the metal getting hot. The orange LED flashes to represent of the flame and sparks caused by the welding process. Random timing is used to further enhance the effect.

4 Aspect Colour Light Signal
Colour light signals are used on Railways to indicate if the route ahead is clear. This module is triggered using a sensor under the train which turns the signal to Red. After approximately 10 seconds the signal will change to the next colour in sequence until it reaches Green where it waits again for the trigger. If the delay is too long you can use additional sensors to trigger to the next light in sequence.