Electronic Projects

Electronic Projects

My electronic projects are based around Mircochip PIC micro-controllers as they are readily available and cheap. They are also more than powerful enough for my projects. Micro-controllers are a full computer on a single silicon chip. They contain the processor, memory for storing the program and memory for data. They also contain an interface to the outside world, to allow it to do something. My aim is to share what I have learnt working with these devices and create some practical projects.

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Time/Date Digital Clock
This is a digital clock that tells the time and date at the same time on LED displays. The clock is based around a 16F84 Microchip Microcontroller and the program is written in 'C'. The program handles leap years and the time is set using two buttons. A feature of the program is time correction. You can set the value to lose or gain time to keep the clock accurate.

PIC Programmable Controller Version 1
I designed a multi-use programmable controller to use for different projects. The idea is to make a device that can be re-programmed for different purposes. Based on a PIC 18F2520 micro controller, there is a display to show information about the program running and some buttons to interact with that program. There are 12 I/O lines available in the 15 Pin 'D' socket including analog inputs and PWM output. The inclusion of the reset line and power lines means the micro controller can be programmed from the 15 way socket.
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F1 Grid Lights
Formula One Grand Prix are started using five red lights. This project is a simulation of these lights that can be used to start your own radio control or slot car races.

Model Railway Modules
I have some railway modules available on eBay to enhance any model railway by adding special effects. Each module has been developed with realism in mind, They add effects to your layout without being over the top. They are easy to use but flexible enough to use with your own accessories.